Weather Policy

weather policy

If there is a weather issue, we will always attempt to keep classes going as scheduled for rain or non-threatening weather.  Our second location, FORTE FITNESS Central Park (CP), has covered protection for up to 15 people!!  We are working on an option for FORTE FITNESS Southern Pines (SoPi), but currently if weather is not permitting at this location, YOUR CLASS WILL BE RELOCATED if at all possible and your coach will send you a text message with the plan and address no later than an HOUR prior to start time.  The change will also be posted to Facebook and Instagram stories.  Please do not text or message the gym or your coach if its more than an hour prior to the start time.  We won't be able to give you the information you need, we've added meteorologist to our resumes and it's a new gig :).  



If we need to fully cancel a class, you will receive a text message and your class will be credited for future use.  If you need to cancel due to change of location, please respond to your coaches text with that information so they can credit the class for you.  

Many classes now offer a private link to live stream and if that is available, you will receive that option via notification as well and you can do the class within 72 hours of your choice.  

THANK YOU so much for your continued support and flexibility during this time!