Mats For A Mission Donation
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Mats For A Mission Donation

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Join us for our "Mats for Missions" project in West Africa !

Your purchase will provide a way for an underprivileged villager to comfortably make their workout whole with the ability to complete floor work in exercise classes led by a local Moore County fitness instructor who recently came to us with this need and felt the love and joy our community feels in helping others!

Currently some participants are using the muddy ground or a prized bath towel (also scarce in their life). This local family (mom, dad and 4 children) have served in West Africa for the last 13 years. As christian church planters, their goal is to see the remote villagers reached with the Gospel. They live with fears of terrorism, do not have one verse of Scripture in their language or a Bible to read. The hope is that through fitness classes, doors will open to share the love of Jesus with these friends who will probably never step foot in a church.

Thank you for joining us in being a part of making this BIG difference all the way in West Africa!

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